Karen E. Ford, Esq


Ms. Ford has authored and edited numerous papers and books in the area of employment law including:

Editor-in-Chief and contributing author of The Employer, a 1,500-page reference work.

Author Colorado Covenants Not to Compete, Lorman Education Services

Author Compliance with the Davis Bacon Act, Federal Publications

Author Workplace Violence, Lorman Education Services 

Author Employment Law Obligations of Government Contractors , 
           Lorman Education Services

Co-Author/co-editor Fundamentals of Employment Law, ABA publications,

Authored numerous publications of the American Bar Association, including: 

      “Understanding and Applying the 1988 Plant Closing Act,”

       “Job Site Health and Safety: An Outline of Federal Regulation,”

        The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990,”

        “Employment Law Issues Affecting Franchising.”