Karen E. Ford, Esq

Employment Discrimination
The laws prohibiting workplace discrimination extend back at least forty years to the enactment of Title VII. While under the original legislation discrimination referred mainly to race, nationality, and ethnic origin, the law has grown exponentially creating a confusing array of obligations for employers. In addition to Title VII there are now additional federal statutes such as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Equal Pay Act and most states have enacted similar state statutes such as the Fair Employment And Housing Act in California. In the 21st century protected categories include women, workers over 40, disabled individuals, and in some states marital status and even body weight may be protected categories. In addition the law prohibits retaliation resulting from complaints of discrimination whether the original complaint had merit or not. Modern employers prepare to meet these legislative challenges through appropriate polices, training of management and employees, internal complaint procedures and affirmative steps to foster diversity in the workplace.

Ford & Associates is prepared to offer expert advice and counseling on the requirements of the law and creative steps employers can take to
promote a diverse and collegial workplace as well as avoid potential liability. If needed, Ford & Associates can provide the experienced representation necessary to meet any charge or complaint. We have experience in handling discrimination and diversity matters under state or federal law and whether filed in a court or a state administrative agency.