Karen E. Ford, Esq

   Today the law of employee benefits is emerging as one of the most critical issues facing America. Health care is currently in the news and the problems of providing health care benefits and complying with the related state and federal laws poses a challenge for employers. With the aging of the baby boom generation, retirement benefits are becoming an area of increasing focus. In order to attract and keep the best workers, companies are also establishing additional benefits such as employee assistance programs, pre-paid legal fees and substance abuse treatment programs. Ford & Associates has the benefit of thirty years of experience in employee benefits including The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, (ERISA) and COBRA, as well as state laws relating to employee benefits. Ford & Associates litigation experience includes representing major employers in multiple class actions involving employee benefit plans. Ford & Associates also has particular experience in assisting employers in choosing and supervising consultants and experts to manage employee benefit plans and in bringing actions against such consultants and experts should problems arise.  

For individuals who are concerned about their employee benefits or have a claim for benefits, Ford & Associates can provide the sophistication and experience needed to effectively pursue those claims with the plan or employer or through the court system.